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Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Melancholy Trip Down the Highway

The ride down the highway isn't always sugar and roses. But sometimes it gets us through the day.

Sitting in your chair so calmly
Waiting for the energy rush
That you know isn’t gonna come
Cause you are all doped up

And the only sound you hear
Is some old rock and roll song
Playing in your ear
All you hear is some old rock and
Roll song playing in your ear

But that’s ok, cause it isn’t Flatt and Scruggs
That’s ok it isn’t a country song that someone else loves
It’s a rock and roll song you hold dear
And it’s playing in your ear

And you notice then that though you’re less than lucid
You at least can make the words out clear
Of some old rock and roll song you have playing in your ear.

It’s the Stones
Singing Mama’s Little Helper
And you laugh out loud cause
You realize it’s time for your next dose

And you realize that even though you’re
Sitting in your recliner chair
Your phone in hand but no one’s there
And you’re listening to your favorite rock
And roll song
And you start to sing along.

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