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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love at the Armadillo World HQ

By Sheryl Arbuckle Green

On one of the first dates with my husband, we went to the Armadillo beer garden to hear Uncle Walt's Band.

Walter Hyatt, Champ Hood, and David Ball were three young musicians whose harmony was so natural and perfect it gave me chill bumps. I contacted Warren Hood, Champ Hood’s son, on Facebook a while ago and told him his dad was responsible for my two sons.

"Wait! Let me explain, Warren. My husband and I have been married for nearly thirty years and still listen to 'Ruby' and 'Aloha'. Your dad's music is a landmark in my life," I told him.

Warren did his dad proud. When I see him perform, I think of that night at Armadillo; a pitcher of cold Lone Star beer, nachos with jalapenos piled high, and falling in love.

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